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Home | ResearchQuality Assurance in the Field of Health Promotion and Prevention

Quality Assurance in the Field of Health Promotion and Prevention

Education function, clearing and coordination function

In addition to its information and communication tasks at the national level, the Federal Centre for Health Education is increasingly taking on quality assurance tasks in the capacity of a clearing and coordination agency. In this sector, BZgA elaborates scientific foundations, supports the qualification of multipliers, promotes the development of innovative strategies and measures, and develops quality assurance methods.
One central element of quality assurance is market observation and market analysis, the aim of which is to bring transparency to the confusing market of health promotion offerings. This task is a new challenge that BZgA faces as a neutral institution not driven by market interests.

A further element of the quality assurance task is the promotion of the development and application of quality criteria, guidelines and standards - a sphere of work that has to be handled as a cooperative task on a consensual basis.