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The Federal Centre for Health Education endeavours to make its work as effective as possible. To achieve this goal, there is a need to constantly improve education activities and continuously review the success of the measures.

It is for this reason that we regularly conduct studies.

They make it possible

  • To gear the planning and implementation of education measures in the various subject fields to the latest scientific findings,
  • To examine whether our measures really do achieve the targeted, health-promoting effects.

Although the questions and the results of these studies therefore always have a direct link to the work of BZgA, they also contain a wealth of information that can be used by the interested public, and particularly by people and institutions working in the field of health prevention.

Consequently, all the studies conducted by BZgA are published.

The studies and evaluation results from the field of sex education, contraception and family planning can be found at: www.forschung.sexualaufklaerung.de

We will be more than pleased to provide further information:

Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung
Referat 2-25
Ostmerheimer Strasse 220
D-51109 Köln, Germany

See below the list of all available studies with at least an englisch short version.
The overall list of all available studies can be found here.