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Research and Practice of Health Promotion

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Volume 14: Internet-based smoking-cessation aids for young people

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Volume 14: Internet-based smoking-cessation aids for young people




Practical experience and current evidence. Documentation of a workshop held by the FCHE in September 2008.


Brochure, 95 pages


Because of the high proliferation of internet access in developed countries, it has become possible to utilise the World Wide Web for health communication and thus to reach a considerable proportion of the smoking population. Moreover, by using tailoring algorithms, web-based smoking interventions are able to deliver support customised to the individual needs of its users.
However, most of these programmes are aimed at adults. Programmes that explicitly target young people are still relatively rare and face special challenges in providing effective support for this age group.
In order to assemble current expertise in this realm, the German Federal Centre for Health Education (FCHE) conducted an international workshop with scientists and practitioners working in the field of smoking-prevention and web-based tobacco interventions for young smokers.
Five programmes from several European countries were presented and discussed. Moreover, challenges associated with their development and dissemination were debated in detail. The core results of this expert meeting are illustrated in this documentation.

Documentation: Benjamin Jonas, Peter Tossmann & Marc Tensil (Delphi GmbH)
Project Leader: Peter Lang & Mareike Strunk (BZgA)