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Sichergehn - Verhütung für sie und ihn

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Safe and Sure - Contraception for Her and Him

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Safe and Sure - Contraception for Her and Him




Safe and Sure - Contraception for Her and Him


brochure, 19,5x19,5 cm, 96 pages


This brochure has been prepared to assist both men and women in choosing an appropriate contraceptive. It provides information concerning the mechanisms of action, application, safety as well as the respective advantages and disadvantages of the individual methods. This information corresponds to the state of the art at the time this brochure was printed. It does not presume to be complete. It describes only the most popular and best-known contraceptive methods. A brochure on contraceptives cannot replace a careful study of the package information delivered with the individual product. It also cannot replace a visit and conversation with a gynecologist or family doctor: Each product has its own peculiarities, as do the individuals who apply them. Their use should always be monitored by a physician.