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Research and Practice of Health Promotion

weniger13 / 16mehr

Volume 05: Child Health


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Volume 05: Child Health




Epidemiological Foundations
Documentation of an expert conference held by the BZgA in November 1996.


The key tasks of the BZgA include strengthening the health-related skills of children and young people and providing them with assistance in coping healthily with the various developmental stages from childhood and adolescence to adulthood. Against this backdrop, the BZgA staged an expert conference on the subject of "Child Health - Epidemiological Foundations" in order to join with experts in pooling relevant scientific knowledge, elaborating central health problems on this basis and, with a view to practical work, discussing the need for action and health promotion guidelines.

The documentation of this conference presents the currently available sources of data on the health situation of children and gives a critical assessment of the quality of these sources. In this context, it proved possible, despite the heterogeneous nature of the data basis, to analyse pertinent data sources, identify relevant starting points and discuss priorities. In addition, this issue contains the individual conference presentations, in which selected health indicators and their conditional contexts are presented, as well as a summary of the results, together with guidelines for health education for children.